Last skate for a while

I had my last skate before surgery today. I just took it easy and did all my usual stuff. It was nice and sunny but there were quite a few annoying kids on scooters getting in everyone’s way.

I have to get to the hospital early tomorrow morning but I don’t know what time the surgery will be yet. I need to stay overnight then have a week of rest to help the wounds heal. I’ve got some crutches that I’ll need to use for the first couple of weeks after which time I’ll have the stitches removed and then it will be a case of progressing at my own pace with what I can do.

Originally I was told 3 months before back to normal, but in the last appointment I was told it could be sooner, but it just depends how well I heal from the surgery. I’m hoping sooner, but at the same time I don’t want to try and get back to skating again until I’m definitely ready.

My ankle has been quite sore recently from skating every day; it’s painful at the front of the ankle where I have the spur so it’s likely bone on bone. One day last week I just popped a high ollie over a hip transition and bailed out just to see how it felt. The impact coming back to the ground from a few feet in the air was pretty painful, but after a minute of so there wasn’t really much pain, so again I think it’s perhaps the bone spur causing that pain, at least I hope it is!

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