A few days after surgery

So I had my surgery on Monday which all went fine. My first experience in a private hospital which was all good. I had a private en-suite room for the night and the food was also pretty good!

I had the metal plate removed and the bone spurs removed. The two screws have stayed as bone had grown over the heads. For them to be removed it would mean boring them out leaving quite large holes and a long recovery time. I’d already discussed this with the specialist in my pre-op appointment and agreed as they aren’t really doing any harm that if this was the case them to leave them.

The pain is pretty significant; for some reason I wasn’t anticipating how much it would hurt. The first night in hospital was the worst, they had my on UV pain relief but it didn’t seem to be that great. At around 5am in the morning they have me an Endone tablet which was great and I got a few hours sleep. I also got prescribed for Endone which is good as they definitely take the edge off.

On the second first night at home I woke in the middle of the night in a lot of pain, but after an Endone and about 30 mins I was okay again until the morning. The pain isn’t as great as those first couple of days, but every 4-6 I load up on painkillers again as I feel the pain start to come back.

I’m currently on crutches which is a massive pain as I can’t carry anything. Occasionally I’ll just use one so I can carry something but it’s pretty uncomfortable. Today I did walk to the kitchen without the crutches; I think this was at the pain the painkillers were doing their thing as an hour later it was very painful again.

I’ve spent the week sitting with my foot up not doing much at all. The kids have been good and Lamorna seems to understand so she is helping me a bit. She has been a bit of a pain this week but I think it’s because I’m home and it’s different to usual as Em is having to get up to the kids in the night and do all the other things I usually do.

I have a follow up appointment on the 14th Oct where I’ll have my stitches removed and from there I can just take things at my own pace. I’ll esquire again about when he things I can skate as originally he said around 3 months but I’m hoping it may be sooner. I know there are holes where the plate has been remove and I’ll probably need to wait for them to fill in first.

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