Three months later

I was meaning to update my blog a bit more frequently as a log of my progress but I never got around to it, so here goes, 3 months in one post.

The first couple of weeks were painful, but by the end of the second week I was able to walk around pretty well without crutches. I had the stitches out and the specialist was pleased with how everything was looking.

I started my Physio 3 days a week. I didn’t really realise I would loose so much movement in my ankle for the short time I wasn’t using it. The first few weeks of Physio were just about getting the movement I had back which was slow progress.

A couple of months into Physio and I still wasn’t feeling like there was much progress. The Physio said that was to be expected and I haven’t had full movement in my ankle for such a long time it’s going to take 6 months to a year to get it back to normal (or as normal as it’s going to be). I think the specialist telling me 3 months initially gave me some unrealistic expectation thinking everything would be great after 3 months.

I had the 3 month appointment with the specialist and he was happy with everything and the progress so far. He told me in the next 3 months I should see the most improvement.

My ankle is definitely stronger now but aches if I do to much. To measure the dorxi flexion they use the knee to wall test, basically how far you can move your toe back from a wall and still touch in with your knee. This seems to change for me frequently; sometimes my ankle is stiff and I can’t touch the wall with my toe against it, and other days I can get 2-4cm away from the wall.

The Physio said it was okay to start skating again a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t really get a chance until this week due to weather and Christmas. I went down with Lamorna so I don’t get a proper chance to skate as I’m looking after her but still feels great to be back on the board.

Today was my first time down there without her. Initially I had some pain and stiffness in my ankle, but after skating around a bit it loosened up. I cruised around and did a few 5050s. I was keen to get a backside 5-0 today so started out trying a couple of backside 5050s which I did easily. After a few tries I managed the backside 5-0 which felt great. I think I did 3 in the hour I was at the park. I also did a frontside disaster on the second try, and a frontside 5-0. The frontside one had me a little nervous as I find I often overshoot the coping on them putting pressure on my ankle. After a couple of weak fake attempts I got one into a tail stall and back in.

So it was a good day today, I have all of the lip tricks that took my quite a while to relearn done again after 3 months off the board which is great.

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