It’s all over

So guess I’ll finally write this post after a pretty sucky year or so. The physio seemed to be going good for around 6 months, but then everything seemed to hit a wall. Skating was more painful than before and all was not good. Everything then seemed to go over more downhill with more pain and stiffness in my ankle.

I went to a second specialist to get a second opinion, who told me that while removing the bone spurs definitely did as intended by giving me more movement, that the extra movement had made the arthritis much worse. Some from here on our it’s about managing the arthritis.

First I got a cortisone shot into the ankle joint which was amazing and took away all of the pain, until about 10 days later when it wore off and the pain was back. After that I got over the counter anti-inflamatories, and then GP prescribed daily anti-inflamatories. I carried on with physio and taking the anti-inflamatories and skating, but it wasn’t really working. Everything felt worse than before which knocked my confidence with the actual skating.

The more I did the more the stiffness and pain I got. I started skating less, then on the days I did skate the pain would be even worse afterwards. It’s not that I can’t skate, once warmed up I can still do it. It’s uncomfortable to do, but the real problem is what happens afterwards. The final time I went I hadn’t skated for a month or so, then went one evening and had a pretty good skate. After that I could barely walk for a few days, and the pain was pretty intense for over a week.

Unfortunately I think that’s me done. I gave it one last try, and right now wish I didn’t opt for the second surgery, but I had to give it a go.

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