I started skating around 1993 when I was 10 years old. I had a crappy turbo 2 like most kids but my friend Louis has some cool Ghostbusters boards that actually had a bit of a front kick and rubber wheels which were much nicer to ride and I used to borrow one of those.

In school a few of us started getting interested in skating and the next Christmas we all got boards. Everyone got a modern shaped board except me who was given a Powell Peralta Tony Hawk Medallion board that my mum got second hand. I was pretty gutted at the time as everyone else had a modern board and started learning flip tricks, but my board was so big and heavy it was really hard to do any sort of flip trick. Some time in the next year I did get a new setup like everyone else.

I skated as much as I could for 10 years until new years eve 2002 where I jumped from a harbor wall onto sand but misjudged the landing and made a right mess of my left ankle. I snapped both tib and fib and the hard impact on my heel destroyed most of my ankle. I don’t remember too much after the snap, but I do remember at the hospital having to have the ankle put back in place as it was about 90 degrees around to the left.

I was in a cast for 7 months with 6 months of that non weight bearing; not much fun, but it got my housemate at University a free parking permit as heĀ  had to drive me in. I was told I’d likely need to walk with a stick and would always have a limp, but that’s not the case. My ankle hurts from time to time, and it doesn’t have the full range of movement but I’m hoping to do something about that.

Over the following years I didn’t skate again until around 2008. I went to Mount Hawke Skatepark once a week for a couple of months to try and get back in to it. I managed to cruise around and ollie up a few boxes but that was about it. I then moved to Australia in 2009 and haven’t skated since.

Now it’s 2014, I’m older, wiser(?), married and have two daughters. For the past year or so I check The Berrics every day and watch lots of other skating videos wishing I could still do it. Over the last 10 years I’ve always wanted to skate but felt like I couldn’t. It’s now got to the point where I’ve decided I really want to try again and I’ll use this blog to document my progress.

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