Yeah You?

I first started in 2002. It has two meanings; first when we were skating if someone did a good trick we’d shout ‘yeah you’ at the person. Secondly in Cornwall it’s common for a conversation to start with ‘Alright?’, ‘Yeah you?’.

The site used to feature skating pictures and videos as well as surfing pictures taken by Kirstin Prisk in his early photography days. We also used to frequent the local nightclub, The Twilight Zone, and take a lot of drunken pictures that would also appear on the website. There was also a message board that got pretty popular with lots of people posting messages.

After a couple of years I wasn’t updating the website and I lost the hosting, but I always held on to the domain name. It now seems fitting to use the same domain name to document my attempt to get back to skateboarding!

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